January 18, 2011

Sudan - Which Way Abyei?

Photo:  New York Times/Tyler Hicks

The Abyei area between north and south Sudan has not completed its referendum on secession.  Resolution of the area's future could make or break the peaceful birth of Africa's newest state, South Sudan....

Roots of Bitterness in a Region Threaten Sudan’s Future
The Tough Task of Defining Sudan’s North-South Border:

Map of Sudan 
Oil Most of Sudan’s oil is produced in the south, but pipelines that run through the north are essential for distribution.
Map of Religion in Sudan 
Religion Attempts by northern leaders to impose Islamic law throughout Sudan fueled a civil war that lasted from 1983 to 2005.
Map of Languages Sudan 
Language The colors above represent areas where different languages and dialects are spoken. Many ethnic groups straddle the 1956 border line.

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