February 28, 2011

Nine Sky-Is-Falling US Foreign Policy Clichés - Plus One More

The article below is worth a read.  Regrettably, the author did not include one I think he should have - one I hope we can also say so long to, sooner rather than later:  "10. The world expects the US to take a leadership role.  Therefore, the US has a mandate to force the world to do everything the US way or else the sky will fall."  See for example:
  1. Africa & US Policy - Insisting On A Strong Central Government In Somalia Prolongs Suffering Of Somali People
  2. Africa & US Policy - Ethiopia On The Frontline Of A "Clash Of Civilizations"?
  3. The Delusions Of American Foreign Policy
  4. "Unknown Knowns" - Is The Current Flood Of Information Drowning Our Ability To Find Meaning?
Here's the article's link and its list of the nine clichés:

So Long, Chicken Little: The 9 Most Annoying Sky-Is-Falling Clichés in American Foreign Policy by Michael Lind in Foreign Policy, March/April 2011
  1. A nuclear bomb will go off in a U.S. city in the next 10 years.
  2. The world must adapt quickly to the end of fossil fuels.
  3. Europeans are pacifists.
  4. The rain forests are about to disappear.
  5. The coming global pandemic.
  6. America is losing the high-speed rail race.
  7. Climate change will cause mass migration.
  8. Water-sharing can bring peace to the Middle East.
  9. The nation-state is dead.
Regrettably, #4 makes no mention of the impact of converting rain forests to secondary forests on plant and animal habitats, world weather patterns, or unknown unknowns.  Also, #9 makes no mention of the problems caused by nation-states in terms of ethnic relations, global peace, regional and sub-regional integration, and water rights such as access to and control of the Nile by competing nation-states Uganda, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Egypt.  See Nile Water Agreement.

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