August 11, 2011

From The Unknown Into Uncertainty

From The Unknown Into Uncertainty

The wading great blue heron is ignorant.
So are the lake's fish, frogs,
Its turtles, kingfishers, sparrows.

Arrogant domination, greed, supernaturalism
Infest our politics, economics, our truths.
A crippling, deadly concoction, served cold.

Our political process implodes,
The global economy collapses.
Religions keep most in tribal warfare,
Absolute delusion, willful open-eyed darkness.

A secular global morality and civilization?
Earth stewardship?  All urgently required.
If achieved, they may succeed,
Or fail, from within or without.

The heron stands in the island shallows,
Facing the breeze, the setting sun.
The fish, frogs, turtles forage.
The kingfishers and swallows hunt.
Night falls, day breaks.

From the unknown we create the known,
Ever into uncertainty.
With or without us,
Ever the evolving All.

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