March 20, 2011

Global Population 10.5 Billion By 2050 - Will Our Species' Primary Evolutionary Strategy, Cultural Adaptation, Succeed Against This Challenge?

UPDATE:  Census Update: What the World Will Look Like in 2050, Time Magazine, June 30, 2011
Now We Are Seven Billion, The Economist, October 22, 2011

The Answer:  We have no option but rely on it.  But what choices will it force us to make and who will make them?  No-one knows if our efforts will succeed.  For we humans, as individuals and as a species, live our lives forward into uncertainty based on what are most often good but always imperfect calculated risks.  Background:  Cultural Evolution, Phase II - Establishing A Unified Worldview  See also:  Earth's Senior Population Is Increasing - So What?

Clearly, the major choices and actions that must be taken are in the following areas:

An emerging global civilization and morality
The meaning and value we continue to place on human life
Addressing the unequal spread of Earth's wealth, power and privilege
Addressing global poverty
Protecting and preserving the biosphere

UPDATE - Population 7 Billion by End of 2011  Excerpts from the Update Link:

"'The exertions that men find it necessary to make, in order to support themselves or families, frequently awaken faculties that might otherwise have lain for ever dormant, and it has been commonly remarked that new and extraordinary situations generally create minds adequate to grapple with the difficulties in which they are involved.'" - Thomas Malthus

"... the problem that needs solving is poverty and lack of infrastructure, not overpopulation."  ...  "The central challenge for the future of people and the planet is how to raise more of us out of poverty—the slum dwellers in Delhi, the subsistence farmers in Rwanda—while reducing the impact each of us has on the planet."

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