March 3, 2011

Is There A Will To Believe? - Creationism's Challenge To Evolutionary Theory Outside The US

“Man is a credulous animal, and must believe something; in the absence of good grounds for belief, he will be satisfied with bad ones."
- Bertrand Russell

Photos by J. Lassiter, Timbuktu, Mali, 2006

Timbuktu Shrines Damaged By Mali Ansar Dine Islamists, BBC, June 30, 2012
Does Islam Stand Against Science?, The Chronicle Review, The Chronicle of Higher Education, June 19, 2011
In France, A Muslim Offensive Against Evolution, Time Magazine, June 2,2011
Islamist Student Group Said to Terrorize Pakistan Campuses, The Los Angeles Times, July 22, 2011
An Old Earth For All Muslims: But How Does Evolution Fit In? by Salman Hameed, Earth Magazine, October 21, 2011

Not only are many of us satisfied with bad grounds for belief in the absence or ignorance of good ones, many others continue to ignore or condemn the good grounds for disbelief that exsist.

Evolution Abroad: Creationism Evolves in Science Classrooms Around the Globe Scientific American March 3, 2011

Meanwhile back in the US:

New Challenges for Evolution Education (in the US) Scientific American February 28, 2011

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