November 15, 2010

"W's" Book, "Decision Points" - A Companion Reader

Republican, Independent or Democrat; Conservative, Moderate or Liberal - Read This Brief Reality Check Regarding Bush's Reflections on His Foreign Policies

George W. Bush's foreign polices really were that bad.  Worse still, they will continue for some time to do harm to other nations and the biosphere, and lower America's ability to influence and lead world affairs.

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Kevin Graham said...

My sentiments also. The 14 points of delusion could be 14,000. Bush was an idiot, to put it bluntly. Now the country is paying dearly for his lack of foreign policy knowledge and cowboy mentality. The recent election has once again shown that the voting public is gullible and easily lead by the nose. The same as when Bush was elected. The current administration has inhereted a seemingly insurmountable challenge of repairing and renewing policy and relations with the world at large.
Good reasons why Bush has kept a low profile since the end of his term, until the money making opportunity of the book tour.
I hope all the veterens in the VA hospitals read it....
The world at war becouse of a few madmen.
Enough for now.

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