September 7, 2010

US Policy: The Overseas Plans of Our Diplomats and Soldiers - Transparency in Government

National Security, Interagency Collaboration, and Lessons from SOUTHCOM and AFRICOM
It's always good to stay informed, as best we can, on what our diplomats and soldiers are trying to do to and with other countries, on our behalf and with our best interests in mind. This is a link providing a window into what the State Department wants us to know about its relationship with the Department of Defense.

"There are all kinds of devices invented for the protection and preservation of countries: defensive barriers, forts, trenches, and the like... But prudent minds have as a natural gift one safeguard which is the common possession of all, and this applies especially to the dealings of democracies. What is this safeguard? Skepticism. This you must preserve. This you must retain. If you can keep this, you need fear no harm."
                                                                                            - Demosthenes

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