September 7, 2010

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This is an open forum blog that focuses on topics in anthropology, science, spirituality, religion, philosophy and African studies, in their broadest sense, past, present and future. Your own or others' reviews of books and articles on topics in these areas from any source are also welcome for discussion.

The purpose of the blog is to promote thought, question everything, and increase and improve knowledge. Agreement with my views and those of others on the blog is helpful when the thinking is good. Support for or silence in response to muddled, half-baked or just plain wrong thinking helps lead to muddled, half-baked or wrong knowledge. Disagreement is expected and welcome - it will not be punished, and certainly not ridiculed.

Civil dialog/discussion with anyone on topics in these areas is welcome, as is a sense of humor. Though a thoughful blog, it is not necessarily "academic" or "intellectual." So please post in any manner that best expresses your views.  If you want to invite your friends to join in, please do.  You may post anonymously or with a pen name, if you wish.

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kmgraham99 said...

Jim, Finally got a round to updating my pass for google so I could comment.
Enjoyed the New Yorker cartoon. I posted a little comment.
Also waiting for the post you mentioned Saturday about the magical an mystical.
Keep posting...

Jim Lassiter said...

Thanks, Kevin. Here's the article link:
See on the link: "The Origin of Superstition, Magical Thinking, and Paranormal Beliefs"
It leaves a lot of questions unanswered and I'm not so sure how truly ground-breaking it is. I'll post and comment on it soon. Cheers! Jim

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