September 7, 2010

Bad Approach to Science Education in the US?

If scientists want to educate the public, they should start by listening
This link says the American public evaluates scientific knowledge using political, economic and religious “sieves.” Article’s recommendation? The defenders of science should “work closely with social scientists and specialists in public opinion to determine how to defuse controversies by addressing their fundamental causes.” Not a good approach.

Science already works tirelessly addressing the fundamental causes of social controversies related to its knowledge – through evidence-based education and factual debate. That people choose to evaluate and believe or not believe scientific knowledge based on their politics, economics and religion is a problem of our society’s core beliefs and values.
In fact, political and economic ideology, power driven agendas, and faith-based vs. evidence-based belief systems are precisely what have, for thousands of years, placed and held the world on the polluted, war-ridden path to self-destruction it is on. Science can solve this problem. Politics, economics and religion should be informed by and held to the evidentiary standards of science.

Time is running out for finding and following new science-based ethical AND spiritual standards for our behavior. But, what about the atheism of Stalinism and Naziism? Read Sam Harris

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