September 28, 2010

Learning from Experience

If you do what you did,
you will get what you got.

If you get what you got,
you will feel what you felt.

If you feel what you felt,
you will think what you thought.

If you think what you thought,
you will do what you did.

- Anonymous (provided by Peter, first couplet by Einstein)


kmgraham99 said...

If I got what I deserverd
I would have gotten more

If I gave what I could I would have recieved even more

If I laughed till I cried I would not have cried so often

If I believe what I read without question
I believe I would live in ignorance

If I believe I will live forever
In some form I will

If I believe I know not
I have the freedom to learn

If I knew then what I know now
I would not be where I am

If I am a child of the Universe
then who are my parents

If I were not me
then who would I be

Some things to think about

Jim Lassiter said...

Great stuff, Kevin, all of it. I especially like the couplet:

"If I believe, I know not
I have the freedom to learn"

I agree, belief can indeed be a hinderance to learning.


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