September 7, 2010

Is scientific knowledge as good or better than religion as a basis for values and morals?

The New Science of Morality - Concensus Statement
The New Science of Morality - Part 1
The New Science of Morality - Part 2
The late Harvard biologist Stephen Jay Gould concluded that science and religion are "non-overlapping magisteria" (NOMA). The gist being science has its sphere - the evidence of matter, space, time, biology and religion has it's - meaning and morals. Science concerns itself with the empirical or observable realm, religion with the world of ultimate meaning and moral value, says Gould. But there are many who believe that ultimate meaning and moral values that are not grounded in observation, evidence and testing should not be used as a basis for human behavior, to include national governance and international relations. These links explore the possibility of a belief system where values and morals are based on scientific evidence, not faith-based revelation.

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