September 8, 2010

The Case for God by Karen Armstrong- A Book Review

The Case for God (2009) by Karen Armstrong - A Review
The above link was unconvincing but a refreshing push to the center, especially within the US religion vs. science context. However, the Abrahamic principle underlying all subsequent assertions remains the same: "He" exists. This question also remains: What will you accept as a basis for belief and action - reason and evidence, or faith? Both sides ask each other, How COULD you ever accept something as true based solely on evidence/faith? One side, however, says: Show me, I'll change my mind. The other sees no need for or can happily ignore evidence. My concern is where one worldview or the other, evidence or faith-based, leads us in our relations with each other in society, in international relations, and in our relationship to the biosphere. The perspective adopted by our leaders will determine our chances of peace, survival or extinction.

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