September 7, 2010

US Policy: Re-Writing the "Four Bs" of US Foreign Policy?

US Department of State - Conference on Sub-Saharan Africa
A new, very encouraging approach at the Department of State:

"We must ask people throughout Africa about their priorities, their perceptions, their interests, and their concerns. We need to listen to their responses and then engage them in ways that are relevant to them. This is a new way of understanding what global le...adership means and requires...."
                               - Judith A. McHale. Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs

Sure is different from the long-standing, rachet up as necessary "Four Bs" of our foreign policy for exerting the will of the US upon the world: BS, Bully, Bribe, then Bomb. I hope State means it (you never really know) and that this new approach lasts.

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